'Breaking news! A satellite fell out of orbit making its way to a crowded downtown Detroit. The impact would have been devastating, but fortunately, Titan was there to save the day.' "Oh my god! I just saw this on the Shadow Leaks!! It was so cool!" 'We were lucky enough to get our hands on a recording of the scene. Let's roll the footage' They played the video clip, I looked over at Amanda and Steph to see their reactions. Both gasped as they saw the satellite crashing through the sky. A flash of light lit up the room as Titan disintegrated the falling hunk of metal with an explosion of energy, both of the women jumped at the sudden appearance of Titan. The camera managed to zoom in on Titan and get a good shot before he vanished as quickly as he appeared. 'Holy... I can't believe what we just watched. How incredible was that! He just appeared out of nowhere just in time to prevent catastrophic damage, saving hundreds of thousands of lives.' 'Mark did you see his outfit, it's changed! He's sporting a cape and hood! Which looks great, I might add...' "What did you guys think?!?!" Rewatching the clip and seeing their reactions got me so pumped with excitement. "That was... Well..." Steph was speechless for once. "Fuck! That was awesome!" Amanda slapped her hand down on the table making a thunderous noise. "Titan's by far one of my favorite real-life superheroes, ever since he first appeared to fight that alien! He's just so righteous and good! He's practically indestructible!" I couldn't help but get enthusiastic about him. "And that's why people like him need to be monitored. What if he was less noble with his abilities?" Steph looked over at me with concern. "Then there's nothing we can do to stop him. What good would monitoring do when someone can stop a falling satellite just by running into it. He didn't even have a scratch on him. Besides Titan is one of the good guys. He's not going to hurt anyone. Besides, even if there are bad guys with powers, do you think any of them can actually beat him?" "Probably not. But still, we have to get people safe." Steph wasn't going to budge on her stance. "So Kylie, what clothes did ya order online? Are ya going to show me? I am dying to see!" Amanda grinned as she gave me that look. That possessive and dominating gaze I knew all too well. My face flushed the same color as red delicious apple. I quickly turned away to hide my flustered expression. The sound of the name she loves to refer to me as causes me to buckle at the knees. "How about we go up to your room after lunch and you can show me?" "Ah... Well... They're supposed to be delivered later today..." I glanced back over at her as her expression displayed a surprised look. "How in the heck is that possible, I thought it would take a few days..." "Well since they introduce the drones, they can get delivering down to a few hours." "Well, I'll be damned. Technology..." "I have got to call Jessica at the bank. We have to meet after the Auction and go over some financials. While I'm there I'll mention what her thoughts are about leasing some of the land." Steph We finished eating and I cleaned up as Steph went to her office leaving Amanda and me alone. While I finished up the dishes, she sat and watched me intently. "So Kylie, why don't we head up to your room and ya can show me what clothes ya bought. Capisce?" "Sure..." I'm sure looking at my order history on Amazon wasn't the only thing Amanda wanted to do, but what choice did I have? We made our way into my room. I pulled up my computer and opened up Amazon. As the order history page loaded, I felt her hands slip down my shoulders, across my chest, and into an embrace, all the while nibbling on my ear. She looked at the screen seeing all the clothes I purchased. "Mmmmm... You've done well. I can't wait to see you in the lingerie. Now take your clothes off and get on the bed. I've been waiting to dump my load in you all day." Without further prompting from Amanda, I got and started stripping down. First pulling my shirt off. Then came the pants. Finally the socks and underwear. Getting on the bed, I looked back at her for approval as she took off her clothes. Seeing her naked was like seeing a work of art. Her body was toned and muscular with hardly an ounce of fat. Everything from her arms to her legs were sculpted to perfection. I stared in wonder as she started to make her way onto the bed. Her giant meatstick dangling between her thighs as hard as steel. I looked up into Amanda's dark possessive eyes as I reached over for her cock. "Eager to suck are ya?" Without responding I put her head of her monster log in my mouth and sucked as if I had the last popsicle on a hot day in July. "Hmmmmm, fuck! Keep going you, dirty little whore." Hearing her degrade me like that, it wasn't just humiliating. It was... Soul crushing... Every demeaning name... All the abuses of sexual acts... It further broke me on the inside. I wanted to appease Amanda. I desired her approval. I needed to please her... But it seemed no matter what I did, she would never see me anything more than a dirty little whore. It hurt more than anything anyone else could do. I pulled out her cock from my mouth and climbed up on my knees and looked up into her dominating eyes. "Why do you like to humiliate me like that?" Silence swept over her as she stared back into my eyes. Amanda was speechless... I didn't know what to expect. Was she mad? I couldn't tell. "Because you're mine!" Before I knew what happened I was slammed down onto the bed. She flipped me over to my stomach and grabbed my ankles pulling me to her, bending me over the edge of the bed. I didn't have any time to react before her giant python was thrust deep into my ass. "AHHHHhhh!" I screamed as she pushed her meaty cock in hard filling me to the core. I grabbed my bedsheets and bit down on them as my eyes watered up. I could feel her thick tool stretching out my heinie. She thrust deeper, causing a deep grunt to escape my lips. SMACK! My ass stung as she slapped it causing me to cry out. "Don't ever question me! Ya fucking slut. I own you and I can do whatever I want to ya. Make fucking sure ya understand that." Once again she was balls deep inside me. I held on for dear life as she pounded me into oblivion. Sobbing, I took every inch of her. It was hopeless to try and fight it. She finally completely broke me. I was hers. Her dirty little whore... Tears fell like rain as I took her cock deeper and deeper. She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my head up. "You're my fucking bitch. I want to hear you say it." "I AAaaaaaahhh," I moan as her dick sunk in. "I'm uuuhhhh... I'm yours!" She pulled out and gave me another hard thrust. "You're my what?" She pulled back to the tip. "I'm YOUR AAaaaaahHhhhhhh!" Once again she slammed in all the way to the hilt. "Uuuuhhhhh fuuuckk. I'm your Biiiiitchh!!" I screamed. SMACK!! Another hard slap on my ass. "And don't you forget it." With that being said she unleashed on my ass, fucking me hard, eliciting all manners of grunts, groans, and gasps from me. "Fuck! I'm about to cuuuum!" She slammed my head down as she lodged her hammer as deep as she could, dumping a full load of cum in me. Then she pulled out and sprayed her seed all over my backside, covering me in her sticky cum. "Fuuuuck that was so good." I looked up at those cruel eyes. "When those clothes get here, I want you in the prettiest dress all dolled up for me. Understand?" I nodded as more tears escaped my eyes. "I need to hear you say it like a good obedient bitch." "Yes, ma'am. I understand." "Good girl, now get yourself cleaned up." Amanda grabbed her clothes and headed into the bathroom. I collapsed on my bed, exhausted and defeated. It was pointless to resist anymore. I just need to do what she says. Be her good little bitch. That's the only way to prevent her from further abusing me. I just wanted it all to end. I wiped away the tears, but that was also a futile battle, they fell without resistance. How can someone so beautiful be so cruel? I would do anything for her if she would just show me some kindness and compassion. I don't understand why she is so callous. I picked myself up as cum leaked out of my butthole. My back was a sticky mess and so were my bedsheets. I went into the bathroom desperately hoping Amanda wasn't there, which I lucked out. Her door was closed. She's probably off back to work with Steph. I climbed in the shower and washed off the cum. ***** I hope you enjoyed it. Please give it your honest rating and leave any feedback in the comment section below.




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